Rage Against the Mom Jean Blog

'Rage Against the Mom Jean' is a popular fashion and lifestyle blog based in Atlanta, which offers a unique blend of style, life, and motherhood. The blog is run by Sherri, a well-known fashion mom blogger who has made a name for herself in the industry. Prior to motherhood, Sherri was known for her stylish outfits, including heels and pencil skirts.

However, after becoming a mother, she found it challenging to maintain her fashion sense while taking care of her children. As a result, she made it her mission to help herself and other moms dress in stylish and practical ways that fit their new bodies, which often come with extra pounds and stretch marks.

In addition to fashion tips, 'Rage Against the Mom Jean' also features humorous anecdotes from Sherri's experiences as a mother. For instance, she shares the story of her daughter's attempt to name her son Lucifer. Through the blog, Sherri hopes to challenge the idea that motherhood equates to unattractive clothing and servitude to children. She believes that moms are much more than that and encourages other mothers to embrace their unique identities while still being practical and stylish.