Danielle is not a registered dietitian or macro coach; her goal is to provide easy-to-follow recipes using everyday ingredients that are readily available. Being a lover of the outdoors, Danielle spends her summers fishing and winters skiing, but when inside, she finds joy in creating new and exciting recipes that she shares with her family and readers. At her blog, she aims to bring quick and easy meals that are suitable for individuals, couples, and families alike, regardless of whether or not they are tracking macros.

Danielle initially had no idea what to expect or how to track macros, but after only a week of tracking, she became obsessed with the sense of food freedom it provided. Tracking macros allowed her to enjoy meals, social situations, and other food-related events without worrying about what she was going to eat or how she would manage her dietary restrictions. She believes that tracking macros have given her not only a sense of food freedom but also an understanding of portion sizes, making it a sustainable way to keep her goals alive.

Besides these, Danielle has adapted some of her favorite recipes to make them more macro-friendly and suitable for families, and this is how ohsnapmacros.com came into existence. She assures her readers that if she wouldn't feed it to her family, they won't find it on her blog. She finds that the more she preps and has staple items on hand, the better she can manage the chaos of everyday life. Her well-rounded recipes fit into any lifestyle, and the nutrition section provides macros for those who are interested.

Danielle aims to offer meals that are fulfilling, simple, and good. No more yo-yo dieting, no restrictive dieting, and no weight loss shake just a sustainable, healthy approach to mealtime.