Cella Jane is a personal life and personal style blog, established in 2012 by Becky as a platform to express her passion for fashion and beauty. The blog has since evolved to encompass various topics, such as fitness, motherhood, and more, with the aim of connecting with everyday women and offering style inspiration and advice. The blog is named after Becky's grandmother, and it is updated four times per week, on average. This blog’s readers are the typical woman who is interested in the latest fashion trends, the best beauty tips, and seeking advice on how to balance various aspects of life.

Through her blog, Becky has been able to showcase and document her personal style, and her readers can expect to find a wealth of information and insights about fashion, beauty, and other topics. She has established a connection with her audience by offering them advice and inspiration on different aspects of their lives. Becky's passion for fashion and her ability to provide practical advice has made her blog an invaluable resource for her readers, and she hopes to continue to inspire and guide women through her blog for years to come.