Olga in the Kitchen

Olga is a multi-talented individual who wears several hats, including wife, mother, baker, cook, blogger, photographer, video creator, printables designer, and social media expert. They reside in Washington with their family of five.

In 2017, Olga launched Olga in the Kitchen as a personal blog, with the intention of sharing their favorite recipes with friends and family. Over time, the blog grew beyond their expectations, leading them to create step-by-step photo and video tutorials that not only showcase what to cook and bake but also provide guidance on how to do so. Olga's interest in cooking and baking goes back to their childhood, where they spent a considerable amount of time watching their mother and older sisters prepare delicious meals.

Olga takes great care in testing each recipe numerous times in their own kitchen before sharing it with their readers. The ingredients they use are readily available in stores, and in addition to a wide range of recipes, their blog provides readers with valuable kitchen tips, baking basics lessons, and helpful step-by-step photos and video tutorials. Olga's work has been recognized by several popular online media outlets, including Taste of Home and FeedFeed, even though they have not yet published any cookbooks.