Princesses can wear kickers

Rachel is a woman who identifies herself as a mother and an expatriate, who, to the speaker's surprise and reluctance, has turned 40 years old. In the past, she was a writer, but she admits that her creative abilities diminished once she started raising children, and she has not written anything for eight years. However, upon reaching her 40th birthday, Rachel realizes that she has a lot to express, and thus she has made the decision to document her experiences as an expat family in Thailand, including the challenges of parenthood.

Rachel's decision to write about her life shows her willingness to share her experiences with others. She hopes to provide insight into the struggles and joys of parenthood and living in a foreign country. Although she acknowledges that her creative writing has been dormant for several years, Rachel's renewed sense of purpose has inspired her to pick up her pen and express herself. Through her writing, Rachel hopes to connect with readers and inspire them to find their own voice.