Peanut Butter Fingers

Julie introduces herself as a mother of three lively boys and a personal trainer and blogger residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. The blog named Peanut Butter Fingers portrays her life, highlighting her interests in food, fitness, family, travel, and healthy living.

Julie's blog features individuals close to her, including her beloved dog. She clarifies that she is not a registered dietitian and that her blog is mere documentation of her life. Therefore, the opinions expressed on her blog solely reflect her personal experiences and should not be considered medical advice. Although she does not publish everything she eats, she acknowledges that the workouts she shares may not suit everyone. Thus, she urges her readers to consult a medical expert before modifying their current fitness routine.

In summary, Julie's blog, Peanut Butter Fingers, provides insight into her personal and professional life as a mother, personal trainer, and blogger. She shares her passion for healthy living, food, fitness, family, and travel. It is essential to note that her opinions are personal and based on her own experiences and should not be taken as medical advice. Additionally, she recommends that her readers consult with a medical professional before making any changes to their current fitness regimen.