Sheri-Lynn is a macrobiotic chef and educator who has dedicated her life to improving personal and planetary health through cooking and eating well. Sheri-Lynn believes that the macrobiotic way of life, which emphasizes nourishing oneself with whole foods from the earth that have been blessed with mineral-rich soil, clean rain, and sunshine in the exact season and location where one lives, is key to restoring health.

Through her extensive teaching experience and expertise, Sheri-Lynn has inspired people all over the world to embrace a healthier lifestyle. She has consulted with chefs at top-rated restaurants and taught at numerous cooking schools, emphasizing the importance of avoiding commercial foods that contain harmful chemicals, preservatives, colorings, and GMO ingredients. Sheri-Lynn has also authored a cookbook for parents and children titled "Macro Magic for Kids and Parents" and hosts an alternative health television cooking show called "Macro Magic". Her mission is to teach people that a healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial for themselves, but also for the planet and all living things.