Erica welcomes the readers to her yogi blog where pregnant and new mothers can find support. Erica is a passionate prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, committed to helping mamas manage stress, find a healthier balance, and enjoy the #momlife experience.

Erica believes that yoga, meditation, mindfulness, self-care, and a strong community of like-minded mamas can help women take better care of themselves and lead happier, healthier lives. Her approach is infused with a little bit of humor, making it fun and enjoyable for everyone.

As a mother, Erica understands the struggles of raising a family. She encourages pregnant and new moms to stop making sacrifices that don't work for them and to let go of mom guilt. Instead, she motivates them to spoil themselves with the love and care they deserve, all in a good way.

On the Spoiled Yogi blog, you'll find a wealth of resources designed to help you feel your best. Erica provides yoga videos tailored to both pregnancy and motherhood, which can easily fit into your busy schedule. She also offers yoga tutorials to help you feel better in your body and meditations, guided relaxations, and lifestyle inspiration. With her help, you can learn to love your life more and embrace all the joys of motherhood.