La Cuisine de Geraldine

The driving force behind the creation of the food blog is Geraldine. According to her, the idea of starting a food blog came to her in March 2020 when she, like many others, was confined to her home due to the lockdown. During that time, Geraldine turned to the kitchen to pass the time and experimented with various recipes, especially those that require patience. As a result, she started cooking more than ever and has continued to do so.

Geraldine decided to create the food blog to share her recipes with her friends who were also in the same situation, having time to cook and looking for new recipes. Although she became busier with her work, she did not give up and spent hours looking for healthy, easy, and quick recipes to optimize her time in the kitchen. Over time, she gained extensive experience in cooking and discovered new flavors and techniques by traveling to various countries both for work and leisure. This experience helped her to offer her favorite quick and healthy recipes to her readers.