Emma is a skilled recipe developer and food photographer who shares her love for food on her blog, That Cute Dish. She values homemade meals and restful sleep as essential ingredients for a healthy and youthful life. Capturing photos of her dishes has been a passion since the advent of smartphones, and her friends and family have come to expect her "okay, let's eat" signal before digging in. Emma's culinary journey began when she left home for university, prompting her to learn how to cook and receive compliments from friends who joined her for dinner.

Having a background that blends Belgian and Korean cultures, Emma appreciates the beauty of both cuisines. Being adopted, she grew up enjoying Belgian and French delicacies, but she also discovered her Korean family and the incredible cooking skills of her Korean mom. This dual cultural influence inspired Emma to develop her own cooking style, which she describes as varied due to her love for diverse cuisines. She shares cherished recipes from her childhood, resulting in a delightful mix of Belgian, French, and Korean dishes on her blog.

Emma's love for travel has also shaped her culinary experiences. French Polynesia holds a special place in her heart as her favorite destination, and she strives to eat local dishes and dissect their flavors to recreate them at home. Her recipes reflect her travels, and Asian cuisine holds a special allure for her.

Emma's objective is to provide easy-to-follow recipes that inspire readers to prepare delicious homemade meals that impress their guests. She believes that cooking own food is healthier than relying on store-bought options since it allows for complete control over the ingredients. With Emma's guidance, readers can confidently create memorable dishes and enjoy the satisfaction of sharing homemade meals with their loved ones.