Dish The Kitchen

Bernice is the creative force behind this blog who is as well as a multi-talented individual based in Calgary, Alberta. As the sole writer, recipe developer, photographer, and tech enthusiast, Bernice takes pride in her diverse roles. Embracing the empty nest phase with her husband, she finds solace in the company of their two Dachshunds, Pepper and Penny.

Despite her urban upbringing, Bernice possesses a deep connection to her farm girl roots. Growing up, she immersed herself in a large garden, experiencing the joys of tending to plants and indulging in farm-fresh eating during the bountiful summer and autumn seasons. Winter brought the importance of preserving food, which led to the inclusion of numerous preserving recipes on her blog, such as the highly popular Pickled Carrots with Garlic and Dill.

After pursuing a BSc. in Paleontology, Bernice transitioned into family life and settled in Calgary. It was during her time in Bateman, Western Australia (Perth) that her passion for food truly ignited. Her culinary journey expanded further through travels to countries like South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia, leaving indelible impressions on her cooking style. While these influences may not appear frequently, their impact on her creativity and constant quest for culinary knowledge is undeniable.

Celebrating a decade of Dish 'n' the Kitchen, Bernice reflects on the immense growth she has experienced, not only in technical skills but also in personal connections. The people she has met and the experiences she has had have enriched her journey, and she eagerly anticipates the future, filled with endless opportunities to learn, create, and connect within the world of food.