Wholesome Mamma

Aloka is a Certified Lactation Educator and nutrition enthusiast who is also a mother of two boys. She has been following a diet based on the Primal / Paleo / Evolutionary lifestyle since April 2010, which primarily consists of real food. Additionally, she has been working out using evolutionary principles to keep herself fit. Prior to adopting this lifestyle, Aloka had a few problems like low energy and excess weight etc.

Since going primal, Aloka has lost a considerable amount of weight and gained lean muscle. By working out in short bursts of intense activity, and engaging in slow walks, she has achieved greater results in less time. She maintains that one does not need a gym membership or too much time or space to follow a primal style of working out. Furthermore, during her pregnancy, she continued to stay active, even though she had to stop boot camp and sprinting.

Throughout her pregnancy, Aloka stuck to a diet of real food with a few cheats, avoiding grains and sugar. She managed to maintain her weight and had a lovely pregnancy with no swelling or water retention. Now that her kids are here, she plans to raise them in a primal way, as much as possible.

Based in Mumbai, India, Aloka found it difficult to follow a primal lifestyle, as there is no concept of grains being the bad guy, and low-fat is still seen as good. She also received a constant stream of advice, which sometimes conflicted with her primal lifestyle, like not breastfeeding for more than a year, not holding her baby too much, and not letting him put grass in his mouth.

With this in mind, Aloka started this blog to inspire other Indian parents to follow their instincts and provide the best possible health and happiness for themselves and their families. She firmly believes that great health begins before birth and aims to give her kids the very best start in life. This blog is designed to inspire those looking for a lifestyle change and those who wish to adopt a more intuitive and natural lifestyle, and Aloka will be providing local resources for those who live in Mumbai.