Years ago, LaRie began sharing videos on YouTube with the intention of addressing the lack of representation of black women enjoying their lives in the media. To fill this void, LaRie created content showcasing black women embracing motherhood, travel, and their homes.

Despite the passage of time, LaRie still observes a dearth of mainstream stories centering on the experiences of black women enjoying their lives to the fullest. For LaRie, her home is the source of rejuvenation and inspiration that enables her to engage in her professional work as a photographer, travel the world, and fulfill her roles as a mother, friend, and wife. As such, she recognizes the crucial role that her home plays in everything that is good in her life.

As a professional travel and lifestyle photographer, LaRie has had the opportunity to visit countless places and reside in various major cities across the United States. With over 11 years of experience in her field, she is grateful to be able to pursue her passions for photography and travel as a means of earning a livelihood.

Through her carefully curated content featuring travel, home decor, lifestyle, and self-development, LaRie aspires to inspire others to venture out into the world and craft lives they truly love. As a black woman who has successfully integrated her professional work with her personal life, LaRie serves as a model for the multi-faceted nature of black women.