Katie is a 32-year-old resident of Sacramento, California who holds a Bachelor's degree in French, which she earned after studying in Paris for a year during her junior year of college. She has a strong passion for fitness and nutrition, believing that staying healthy is vital for both physical and emotional well-being. Katie is also a devoted Christian, crediting her faith to her late mother, whom she considers to be her guardian angel.

In addition, Katie is married to Zack, a computer teacher at an elementary school, who also plays an essential role in the operation of her blog. Zack handles several aspects of the blog, including photography, search engine optimization, design, and financial management.

The couple has created some products to assist other bloggers in one of their shared interests. Katie is known for her love of big hair, bright lights, and beautiful words, as well as her penchant for kettle corn. She lives life without taking it too seriously, but also with appreciation and gratitude for all of its blessings.