Colleen, the creator of The Food Blog, extends a warm welcome to all visitors who share a love for delicious, simple, and mostly healthy recipes. With a passion for cooking that dates back to standing on a stool in the kitchen, Colleen finds joy and comfort in the culinary arts.

While lacking formal culinary training, Colleen's wealth of experience and kitchen skills make up for it. With decades of cooking under her belt, she has always been an adventurous experimenter, constantly learning and trying new things. From cooking in unique settings like a river barge and a tiny camper to exploring diverse cuisines around the world, food has been an integral part of her travels and cherished memories.

The Food Blog, launched in 2012, serves as a creative outlet where Colleen combines her love for cooking and photography. Emphasizing a "from scratch" approach, she embraces real, natural ingredients over processed foods, highlighting their superior taste, health benefits, and cost-effectiveness. Colleen aims to create an inclusive space where individual dietary choices are respected, although gluten-free recipes take a prominent place due to her personal dietary needs.

In addition to sharing recipes, this food blog promotes simplicity and accessibility. Colleen believes that cooking from scratch doesn't have to be complicated and that anyone can enjoy the process. Her recipes feature ingredients that can be found in most kitchens or regular grocery stores, and she avoids reliance on specialized kitchen gadgets. Beyond the blog, Colleen enjoys spending time with her family, engaging in outdoor activities, and traveling.