Cook for Good

Cook for Good is a website where individuals can learn how to cook affordable, delicious, and vegan food. The recipes and techniques provided are suitable for anyone who wants to incorporate more vegetables, fruit, and whole grains into their diet. This site emphasizes the use of local, seasonal vegetables and fruits, organic beans, whole grains, and spices, and vegan ingredients and recipes to promote a kinder and greener world.

Linda discovered the benefits of cooking fresh, local food from scratch when she participated in the 2007 Food Stamp Challenge. She found that the more she squeezed her budget, the better the food became, and her family noticed improvements in their weight, sleep, and energy levels. Linda's cooking now reflects her values and supports her well-being, and she strives to provide the tastiest recipes and most useful information possible to her website's visitors.

In addition, after transitioning from vegetarian to vegan in 2011, Linda experienced positive health changes, including relief from migraines, arthritis, knee pain, and weight gain.