Bahee Van de Bor

Bahee Van de Bor is a UK pediatric dietitian and nutritionist offering expert advice and tips on children's nutrition through various articles. She has extensive experience in her field, having worked for 14 years at a world-renowned children's hospital. As a result, Bahee Van de Bor is well-equipped to offer advice on a wide range of topics, including fussy eating, dairy-free recipes for kids, vegan nutrition, and IBS in children.

In addition to her articles, Bahee Van de Bor also hosts a nutrition show called "Healthy Eating for Kids". This show provides practical tips and strategies on how to encourage healthy eating in children, including advice on managing common food allergies such as dairy allergies in babies and toddlers. The show also offers delicious and nutritious recipe ideas for families who are looking to incorporate healthy eating into their lifestyles. It is designed to help families overcome common challenges around mealtimes, and offers a wealth of knowledge and advice to support parents in creating a healthy and balanced diet for their children.