Cooking Therapy is a blog curated by Becca, where she combines her personal stories with food and aims to inspire everyday home cooks. Becca's culinary repertoire draws from her Chinese/Vietnamese American background and her upbringing in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. On this platform she writes about a mix of traditional Chinese and Vietnamese recipes passed down from her mother and grandmother, as well as dishes influenced by the diverse communities she has lived in, such as LA and San Francisco. Regardless of the origin, all the food shared on Cooking Therapy is crafted with love. Becca is excited to share her stories and hopes to engage with readers who are willing to share their own experiences.

Becca is a true California girl, born and raised in LA. After spending four years in the Bay Area for college, she made the decision to move to San Francisco, a city that resonated with her on multiple levels. From the unique culinary scene to the people and the diverse communities, San Francisco felt like the perfect fit for her quirks, love for innovation, and creativity. Eventually, she made her way back to LA, where she currently resides.

While Becca's passion lies in food blogging, it is not her full-time occupation. She works as a Product Manager at a small tech company, fully embracing her self-proclaimed nerd status. Building software products is another realm where she finds fulfillment and passion. When she's not cooking or working, Becca enjoys spending time at the beach, engaging in boxing classes, or getting lost in the pages of a captivating book.

Becca's journey in cooking began during her sophomore year in college when she attempted to cook for herself, resulting in an unforgettable disaster. Seeking guidance, she turned to the expert in her life her mom. Since then, she has come a long way, although she acknowledges that cooking remains a continuous learning process. While many of her experiences in the kitchen have been successful, she also embraces and shares the failures. Through her blog, Becca aims to demystify cooking, making it feel less intimidating by providing a glimpse into both the triumphs and challenges she encounters along the way.