My Poppet Makes

Cintia is the creator of My Poppet Makes, a craft, travel, and food blog for colorful life that emphasizes the potential in everyday items. Her passion for crafting and her ability to turn unassuming objects into something new and remarkable are the defining characteristics of her tutorials, which she has been sharing with her readers since 2007. She prefers to use second-hand or vintage materials instead of new products in her projects, adding a touch of history to her creations. My Poppet Makes offers a wide range of tutorials in various disciplines, including crochet, needle felting, paper craft, quilting, digital media, photography, and sewing.

Cintia hopes to inspire her readers to be creative and resourceful, just as she is inspired by the materials she finds. Cintia's style is characterized by her love of vintage textiles and a bold, colorful approach, which has led to recognition and featured in media outlets such as Huffington Post, Elle Interiors, Frankie, and Homespun.

Prior to her creative pursuits, Cintia worked as a pharmacist, but now she is a mother to a 7-year-old girl who often inspires her projects. Cintia is also a travel enthusiast and shares her experiences in her second blog, My Poppet Living, documenting her trips to over 38 countries.