Crafts by Amanda

Amanda Formaro is a resident of the Midwest state of Wisconsin and a proud mother of four grown children. She has a passion for cooking, baking, and being creative. After working full-time in finance, she quit her job to stay at home and raise her children. However, her creative mind eventually led her to start her own business on the Internet.

Over the years, Amanda has developed her skills and experience in crafting and has become a respected voice in the industry. She created a website called, taught herself HTML, and grew it into a profitable business. After selling the site, she began blogging and has since been published in various online magazines and websites, such as,, Parents Magazine, and Redbook, among others. Amanda is also the owner of a food blog called Amanda’s Cookin’ and a large craft library site called Fun Family Crafts. In addition, she has a channel called Craft THERAPY With Amanda, where she shares her passion for crafting and how it serves as therapy for her anxiety disorder, depression, and PTSD.