Joni is a passionate cook whose love for cooking knows no bounds. It is her obsession, her absolute favorite thing to do. If someone search for her, chances are she can be found in the kitchen, where she spends most of her time. Her culinary creations are not overly complicated but incredibly delicious.

Her love for cooking runs deep, and she finds solace in the kitchen. When she's not there, she might be found nestled under a pile of cookbooks, constantly seeking inspiration. Joni has a special fondness for crafting recipes and menus for entertaining, and her mind is always brimming with innovative ideas for new dishes.

Joni's culinary journey began in her childhood, where she was raised by a mother who was an avid cook. Their meals consisted of wholesome, homemade foods, emphasizing healthy, whole ingredients. While frozen burritos and Oreos may have made occasional appearances, their regular fare was rooted in scratch cooking.

Over the years, Joni has honed her cooking skills and expanded her repertoire. Her passion for entertaining has only grown stronger, as she thoroughly enjoys every aspect of it, from researching recipes and planning menus to shopping for ingredients and preparing meals. The act of cooking brings her immense joy and fulfillment.

Currently residing in Calgary with her wonderful husband and two incredible daughters, Joni finds immense happiness in cooking for her loved ones. Moreover, she cherishes the opportunity to share her culinary experiences and creations with others, extending her love for cooking to a wider community.