The individual introducing herself is Nikki, a stay-at-home mother who is happily married and has four children. She takes pride in her family, noting that her children's smiles have the power to brighten anyone's day. To break up the monotony of her daily routine, she has begun cooking and baking. Nikki, like many other mothers and individuals, is a "Chef in Training," learning how to prepare delicious meals one recipe at a time. Cooking has become her passion, and she takes pleasure in creating new and exciting dishes. She has an excellent palate and enjoys perfecting her recipes with the help of her taste testers.

Nikki is a stay-at-home mother, wife, and mother of four. She has a passion for cooking and baking and is a self-proclaimed "Chef in Training." Her love for food and time spent in the kitchen has been a welcome break from the sometimes-lengthy days of motherhood. She finds joy in finding new recipes and perfecting her culinary creations. Nikki has a unique ability to taste and knows precisely what her family likes, which helps her create delicious meals. She enjoys experimenting with different ingredients and gets a thrill out of seeing her family enjoy her dishes.