Sally is a UK-based journalist, blogger, and single parent to her daughter Teddy. Through her blog, Sally shares their adventures and experiences, including hotel room tours, destination guides, UK activity reviews, and occasional chatty vlogs and product reviews. She started her blog in 2009 to capture the little moments in their family history and it has been active for almost 14 years.

Sally is a busy working Mum with a passion for travel, low-brow TV, and exploring new places. She previously worked as a journalist in London and Brighton, writing for UK and US magazines and newspapers about business and technology. Now self-employed and based in Lancashire, she has more free time but the frequent rain necessitates indoor activities.

Furthermore, She also works as a business journalist and copywriter when not blogging or pursuing new depths of underachievement in the worlds of craft and cookery. Despite her self-proclaimed forgetfulness and lack of culinary skill, Sally aims to share the story of her chaotic, fun-loving family that enjoys laughter and adventure.