Plant Based Jess

Jessica is the talented recipe developer, photographer, and videographer behind this delightful blog. This blog was created with the intention of sharing healthy, easy-to-prepare, and mostly family-friendly recipes.

Jessica's ultimate goal is to showcase the incredible variety, simplicity, and deliciousness of wholesome meals. Hailing from Quebec, Canada, she now resides in Maine with her husband Christopher and their two children, Zachary and Lilianne. While her transition to a predominantly whole food plant-based diet is a relatively recent one, Jessica's upbringing revolved around homemade meals and treats. Growing up, she developed a deep passion and pride for cozy homemade dishes, with vegetables often taking center stage, the scent of freshly baked bread wafting through the house, and a freezer stocked with batch-cooked pasta sauces for convenient last-minute meals.

As a veterinarian, Jessica made the conscious decision to take a break from her own career to prioritize her family and this blog. By dedicating her time to her loved ones and sharing her culinary creations, she ensures that she doesn't miss any important milestones in her children's rapid growth. Despite English being her second language, Jessica fearlessly writes her blog, thanks in part to her supportive husband, who acts as her "chief editor."

Beyond her passion for food, Jessica is a skincare enthusiast and admits to having a weakness for May Lindstrom products. Interestingly, she had no prior knowledge of photography before embarking on her blogging journey.

Additionally, Jessica confesses her guilty pleasure: white pasta with a simple tomato sauce. However, she balances her indulgences with a love for popcorn, which she enjoys almost every night.

With her blog, Jessica aims to create a space free from calorie counting and judgment, where food can be celebrated in its simplest form. By sharing her plant-based meals, she hopes to inspire other families to explore new flavors and enjoy healthy meals together. Whether someone is seeking the perfect recipe for Meatless Mondays, inspiration for a Veganuary challenge, or a wholesome plate to satisfy a craving, Jessica aspires for her blog to be a valuable resource.