Daniela is a passionate crafter and DIY enthusiast. She has always had a love for creating and sharing her projects with others. This love for crafts started during her time in Girl Scouts where she was introduced to a variety of creative activities like making friendship bracelets, candles, cookies, and slime. Ever since, whenever friends would ask what she wanted for her birthday, she would request a craft kit, regardless of the type of kit.

AB Crafty is a blog created by Daniela to share her knowledge and expertise in the field of crafting and DIYs. The blog is a platform for her to showcase a variety of projects such as soap making, paper crafting, felting, yarn spinning, candy making, and much more. Her aim is to provide inspiration and guidance to those who are interested in crafting and DIYs.

Daniela said that she is not imaginative, but she enjoys the process of creating and following instructions. One such example is when she and her father built a dollhouse together. Although she enjoyed looking at what they had created, she did not understand the appeal of acting out scenarios with the dolls. Creating is her passion, and she has now moved from being a DIY YouTuber in 2016 to a blogger, where she continues to share her love for crafting and DIYs.