Kayla in the City

Kayla is the mastermind behind Kayla in the City, a lifestyle blog that is a haven for millennial women. She is a blogger, book lover, and comfy clothes enthusiast, a loud introvert, and a proud New Yorker. You can often spot her wearing yoga pants and sipping on an iced oat milk latte.

Kayla in the City was founded in 2011 and has since become a hub for women who want to live shamelessly and authentically. Kayla believes in celebrating oneself and sharing the things that bring joy to one's life. Her blog is a place where readers can discover new books, restaurants, fitness classes, and products they will love.

Kayla is also a full-time marketing professional, and she shares tidbits about her life in New York on her blog. Her marketing background adds a unique perspective to her blog, making it a source of not just entertainment but also practical knowledge.