Drizzle and Dip

Sam is a professional food stylist, recipe developer, and food photographer who made the decision to leave their corporate career 13 years ago to pursue their passion for cooking and baking. With a background in hospitality management and food brand marketing, Sam authored their first cookbook in 2012 and their second cookbook, 'Sweet', was published in 2015 by Penguin Random House South Africa.

In addition to these accomplishments, Sam was the recipient of the Galliova award for Digital Food Influencer of the year in 2021 and won Best Food Blog in Africa in the African Blogger Awards in 2016, as well as the Best South African Food blog in the Fairlady Consumer awards in 2013.

Sam's recipes are inspired by their love of ingredients and their abundance in the kitchen, and they eat with the seasons, enjoying the change of flavors as foods come and go. She strives to experiment with new techniques, ideas, and flavors, and aims to encourage others to cook and bake without feeling intimidated. She takes pride in generating all content on their website and only acknowledges external contributions, product sponsorship, or sponsored posts when necessary.