Heather's blog is a recipe site that has grown to become a platform where she shares her love for baking and desserts with others, using her knowledge and experience to create delicious, beautiful, and visually appealing confections.

Heather is a self-taught baker and dessert enthusiast who started her blog, Sprinkle Bakes, in 2009. Her blog started as a collection of dessert and baking recipes that she enjoyed making, eating, and sharing with her family and friends. Today, Heather is a cookbook author, freelance recipe developer, food stylist, and photographer with a diploma in baking and pastry. She spends most of her time dreaming up new desserts and blogging about them, and even posts videos of her creations on her blog. Heather's love for art has also translated into using art techniques on all kinds of confections.

Before her passion for baking, Heather worked as an artist in art galleries with various artists like painters, sculptors, glass blowers, and textile artists. However, she has since focused on discovering new recipes to make, eat, and share with her readers on her blog.