Alie is a professional baker, recipe developer, and photographer who runs Baking For Friends. She has a specialization in classic and comforting baking and hopes that her audience enjoys her recipes and finds inspiration to bring their families and friends together over home-cooked food. She is also an avid gardener who grows her own vegetables, berries, and herbs. She also enjoys visiting markets to source fresh, local finds like honey which she uses in new and easy baking recipes. Entertaining is one of her most enjoyable pleasures, as she loves to share the simple joys of food with the people she loves.

Alie's inspiration comes from various sources, including her family traditions, the places she's traveled, the people she's worked with, and the beauty of nature. All of these influences pour out into her baking, and when she creates a dessert, she can't help but add a simple detail that makes it her own.