Nadia is a cake decorator, blogger, and homemaker who has an addiction to baking. She is passionate about all things sweet and pretty and finds baking therapeutic regardless of her mood or time of day. From baking simple at-home recipes to temperamental delicacies, gourmet and decorated cakes, adorning cookies with royal icing, and dipping cake pops in melted chocolate, she loves it all. As a result, she has created a website where she can present her passions cohesively, providing useful ideas and a visual treat for visitors.

For those who aspire to become a budding baker or cake decorator, Nadia's website provides recipes, tips, and tutorials. Additionally, if one wishes to have the cake of their dreams for their next big or small event, they can find tons of ideas and learn how to place an order. Originally from Pakistan, Nadia now resides in Riyadh, KSA with her supportive husband and two super-active kids. She operates a cake-decorating business from her home and blogs about interesting creations in her kitchen. Nadia loves to explore quick, foolproof recipes and captures them through her camera, although she knows there is a long way to go, she is happy with the snail's pace at the moment.

Despite her background in computer science, being a former project manager, and being a freelance research and content writer, Nadia has finally taken the plunge to pursue her passion. She is committed to making BakeFresh her focus, knowing that life is too short not to follow her heart. She believes that the work where one's heart is, is not working at all, and she looks forward to sharing her love of baking and cake decorating with the world.