Fit Girl's Diary

Fit Girl's Diary is the brainchild of Monica May, and she is delighted to e-meet you! Monica is a fitness trainer, nutritionist, and healthy food enthusiast who have a passion for staying active and healthy. She describes herself as a unique human being, and she loves to move and jump around a lot.

For several years, Monica has been dedicated to taking care of her body, putting it through rigorous workouts, and embracing healthy eating habits. It has been a fantastic journey for her, and she has enjoyed every moment of it.

The idea for Fit Girl's Diary came to Monica when she realized that she was not comfortable in her own body. She decided to take charge and regain control of her mind and body. From that moment, she was determined to live a healthier lifestyle and be the best version of herself.

Monica's passion for fitness, nutrition, and healthy living is evident in her blog. She shares her journey, tips, and tricks on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Her blog is a testament that anyone can achieve their fitness goals with the right mindset, dedication, and discipline.