Sheila is a mother to two daughters aged 13 and 17 and resides in coastal New Jersey where she enjoys beach-related activities. She is the author of the blog "Pieces of a Mom". Originally, Sheila started the blog with the aim of keeping her distant friends and family up-to-date with her family's daily activities.

After several months of writing, Sheila discovered that she has a lot to say about various topics, with a particular interest in motherhood and women's lifestyle. Her blog now features a diverse range of content including recommendations on restaurants, fun activities and day trips for families, product reviews and giveaways, recipes, books, and photography.

Over time, this blog has grown to become more than just a platform for sharing her family's daily diary. Sheila enjoys exploring new products and sharing her experiences with her readers. If any interested woman is looking for a reliable and relatable source of information on motherhood and women's lifestyle, this blog is a great resource to consider.