Mad In Crafts

As a creative individual since childhood, Amy has developed a strong passion for crafting. She was enrolled in art classes from a young age and even attended a sewing camp at the age of 10, though she didn't appreciate it at the time. Now, she expresses her love for creativity through her full-time job of blogging about crafting on her blog, DIY Candy. In addition to this, she runs two other blogs, Mod Podge Rocks and Rod & Reel, that focus on specific crafting topics.

Through DIY Candy, Amy wants to share her appreciation for all forms of creativity, ranging from knitting to cooking to home decor. With a variety of craft posts available, she has organized them into categories based on interest, making it easy for readers to find something they'll enjoy. These projects are simple enough for both kids and adults to try at home. To get started, simply choose a category and select your favorite idea. Leave a comment and rate the project, and happy crafting.