Kate is a passionate vegan food blogger who is determined to demonstrate that vegan food can be as delicious and indulgent as non-vegan cuisine. Her blog features an abundance of vegan recipes ranging from easy main meals to scrumptious cakes and bakes, as well as other comforting dishes. With over 20 years of vegetarianism and 4 years of veganism under her belt, Kate is a culinary expert in the field of plant-based cuisine. She has also earned a professional diploma in Vegetarian Cookery from Cordon Vert.

In 2009, Kate's culinary skills earned her the title of 'Vegetarian Chef of the Future' in a competition organized by the Vegetarian Society. Additionally, in 2011, she created the 'UK's Tastiest Meat-Free Dish', which won a competition hosted by Linda McCartney Foods. Her prize-winning dish, the Mushroom & Ale Pie, was added to their range. Kate's dedication to creating delicious and wholesome vegan food is an inspiration to all who follow her blog.