Nomadista Nutrition

Mascha is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in the fields of nutritional science and public health. Through her travels and work around the globe, Mascha has gained a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to lead a truly healthy life. She has honed her skills in nutrition and developed a set of tools and techniques that have transformed her own health and which she is confident can do the same for others.

Mascha's passion for nutrition was cultivated during her studies at the University of WI-Madison, where she learned about the interplay between diet and overall health. Her explorations took her around the world, where she encountered new cultures and their relationship with food, further enriching her knowledge and experience. Upon her return to Los Angeles, Mascha established a private practice to help others achieve optimal health through proper nutrition. She specializes in a range of areas, including sustainable weight management, nutrigenomics and personalized nutrition, disease management, intuitive and mindful eating, traveler's health, and general wellness.