Heather, a self-proclaimed sugar addict, welcomes all dessert enthusiasts to her sweet-filled world. With a deep love for indulging in Nutella straight from the jar or diving into a luscious Italian trifle, Heather's passion lies in creating and sharing her favorite treats with loved ones and now with her readers. She appreciates you stopping by and is excited to share her recipes with fellow baking enthusiasts.

Heather fully embraces her role as a "kitchen crash test dummy" and acknowledges that she has encountered her fair share of baking mishaps. From failed recipes to costly mistakes, such as a dried-out Persian love cake that didn't receive any love or burning caramel to the point of no return, she has learned from her errors. However, she assures her audience that she will only share recipes that are worth making again, even if she's had her fair share of blunders.

Although not classically trained, Heather's baking journey began at a young age, captivated by the joy of mixing up a bowl of brownies while still sporting pigtails. Her addiction to making sweets has been a lifelong passion, with an annual consumption of raw batter that could rival her own weight. Even though the risks of salmonella loom, she believes every chocolaty bite is worth it, and she wouldn't have it any other way.