My Unphotoshopped Life

As she started sharing her story and struggles on social media, it became clear that there were many women who were struggling with similar issues. She also realized that she needed companionship on this journey, in order to fully understand that women's worth is not determined by their circumstances, relationships, emotions, or money. She came to understand that even the good things about them do not matter, because God sees them as amazing, regardless of whether they are a "bump on a log" or not. She felt a calling from God to help women, like herself, escape the guilt-ridden life and live more freely, knowing that God smiles at them.

She also wants to inspire women to understand that they are not garbage, they are not worthless, they are not hopeless, and they are not unlovable. She invites them to join her on this journey of discovery, to find out what God says about them, and to live their lives based on that truth. They may be surprised by what they find, and she knows that she needs their company along the way.