Jo's Kitchen Larder

Jo, a multi-talented content creator, food stylist, and photographer residing in the picturesque region of West Sussex, UK. Balancing her roles as a busy mother of two and a devoted wife, Jo's love for food permeates every aspect of her life. While her larder may not be the expansive walk-in room of her dreams, it remains a cherished cabinet brimming with delicious ingredients that inspire her culinary creations. This humble space served as the namesake for her food blog.

As a busy mother, Jo's focus lies in crafting quick, easy, and nutritious meals for her family. She finds joy in baking, both sweet and savory, exploring new recipes for various occasions. While weekends grant her the luxury of time in the kitchen, allowing her to experiment with more intricate and time-consuming dishes, her commitment to using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients remains unwavering. Jo's dedication to sustainable food choices extends to avoiding out-of-season produce, with strawberries in February being an unthinkable indulgence.

Each recipe featured on Jo's blog has undergone rigorous testing by her family, affectionately referred to as her three men. Only those dishes that receive unanimous approval and find their place in their regular menu are shared on her platform. Her blog caters primarily to families seeking fresh, wholesome meals without the need for extravagant or expensive ingredients.

Back in the year 2018, the decision to embrace a plant-based lifestyle stemmed from a desire to enhance overall health and a growing awareness of the environmental impact of the meat and dairy industries. Jo and her family are passionate about making a positive impact on the planet and actively mitigating the degradation caused by these industries. While Jo refrains from labeling herself or her family as vegans, she wholeheartedly embraces a plant-based approach that aligns with their values and works best for their well-being.

Jo's intention is not to dictate how others should eat, but rather to inspire and encourage experimentation with plant-based meals. She acknowledges the history of her blog, which features meat, fish, and dairy recipes that have been cherished by her readers who have followed her journey. However, going forward, she will exclusively share plant-based recipes, viewing any interest in incorporating plant-based options, even if only for a day or two each week, as a significant accomplishment.