This blog is a collaborative effort between Traci and her daughter, Caylie, aimed at sharing their love and passion for food with a wider audience. While Traci's son, Ian, prefers to work behind the scenes, he is an excellent food critic and takes care of the dishes. Bakers Table is primarily a baking blog, reflecting Traci's love for baking, but it also features posts on weeknight dinners, snacks, and appetizers.

Traci has been cooking and baking for over 40 years, and her experience includes teaching both basic and advanced cooking and baking classes, as well as developing unique food products. Since its inception in 2018, the blog has evolved to offer new and exciting recipes each week, going beyond the original objective of sharing old family recipes. Through Bakers Table, Traci hopes to continue exploring her passion for cooking and baking while sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.