The Carrot Underground

Connie is a wife, mom, home cook, blogger, artist, and animal advocate. She created this website to encourage others to embrace a vegan lifestyle, as she believes that this is the most effective way to protect animals, the planet, and ourselves. She believes that by replacing meat and dairy with all vegan ingredients, everyone can enjoy delicious plant-based, cruelty-free foods.

Connie's goal is to inspire others to discover just how easy it is to prepare satisfying meals that vegans and non-vegans alike can enjoy. Each recipe shared on this site has been taste-tested and fine-tuned to ensure its success.

Connie is passionate about animals, art, and stand-up paddleboarding. As an animal advocate, she has volunteered for the rescue of domestic, wild, and exotic animals. She has also worked to protect elephants, lions, and endangered wildlife from extinction through her work with the Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation in Zambia.

Furthermore, to her work with animals, Connie has a background in commercial and fine art, interior design, and art instruction. She believes that food should be both beautiful and appealing, and enjoys sharing tips for creating visually stunning dishes. When not creating new blog posts or advocating for animals, Connie can often be found on her stand-up paddleboard at the beach.