The blog was initiated by the author, Penny (pseudonym), 11 years ago, during a time of severe financial crisis. Upon learning about a woman who wrote about her extreme frugality and made money from her blog, Penny took a risk and started her blog as she loved writing and had great ideas to share. Despite being penniless, she spent $10 to buy the domain name, and this risk turned out to be a wise decision. Penny’s blog has helped her to improve her finances and her life. She shares ideas and helps other people while earning an income through sponsored posts. However, she ensures that she does not post any links that go against her morals and provides quality posts more than sponsored ones.

Penny's blog has been very profitable, enabling her to write for a magazine column and publish several books. She also started teaching classes on foraging wild edibles, all due to the exposure gained from her blog. Although she no longer practices extreme frugality, her blog’s focus has shifted to the art of money mindfulness, intending to ensure that one's money is spent on things that are important while also saving on things that are not. Penny acknowledges that money mindfulness looks different for everyone and therefore encourages people to find what works for them and their families. The blog is aimed at providing ideas, suggestions, and support to help people make informed choices about their finances.

Penny is a pseudonym used by the author on the blog to keep her identity private, making it more relatable to readers. Penny is a single mother of four children, who loves to blog about how to have the best life possible while living on a relatively low income. She loves frugal travel, gluten-free cooking, and advocating for mental health and awareness of abuse. She grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and now resides in a non-English-speaking country. Penny’s children, Lee, Ike, Anneliese, and Rose, are all talented in various ways and were introduced on the blog.