This is a site that provides an array of tips and advice on cleaning, organizing, and maintaining a home owned and managed by Becky, an expert in cleaning and organizing who shares her knowledge on various topics related to home care.

The blog consists of articles that cover a wide range of cleaning-related topics, including specific cleaning tasks such as cleaning a refrigerator or bathroom, tips on organizing and decluttering, and advice on creating a cleaning routine that aligns with readers' schedules and lifestyles. Some articles provide information on using natural and eco-friendly cleaning products, as well as reviews of various cleaning tools and products.

Apart from the blog, this site offers various resources and tools to assist readers in staying on top of their cleaning and organizing tasks. These resources include printable cleaning checklists, a cleaning planner, and an online course that helps readers create a cleaning routine. All in all, Cleanmama is a valuable resource that anyone can turn to for guidance on keeping their home clean, organized, and well-maintained, thanks to its practical tips, helpful resources, and expert advice.