What Jessica Baked Next

What Jessica Baked Next is a delightful blog created by Jess, a skilled chef and passionate baking enthusiast based in Essex, East of England. Her blog has gained immense popularity with millions of views from readers worldwide who enjoy recreating her delectable recipes. Jess's culinary expertise has been recognized by renowned publications and she has collaborated with well-known companies in the food industry.

In addition to her love for food, Jess also shares her passion for travel and photography through engaging blog posts. She documents her adventures in various destinations, including Cyprus, Puglia, Ibiza, and Nerja, among others. Jess's bucket list of dream destinations continues to inspire her travel experiences. Alongside her travels, she explores different cuisines, with Greek, Lebanese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and British classics being her favorites.

As a vegetarian who previously followed a plant-based lifestyle, Jess has shared numerous sensational vegan recipes on her blog. Her vegan creations, such as Vegan Banana Bread, Vegan Brownies, and Vegan Cookies, have been well-received by her readers. With her blog, Jess aims to provide foolproof recipes, featuring everything from delightful pasta dishes to exquisite cakes and bakes suitable for any occasion.