Stay Fit Mom

Thsi is a site that promotes lifelong health and wellness, done better together. The co-owners and operators, Tracy and Krista, have a passion for making health and fitness accessible and doable for busy moms. Tracy, a former educator, encourages and watches women find their groove and thrive while Krista, a former physical education teacher, understands the struggles of weight loss while battling hypothyroidism. Both Tracy and Krista hope to inspire and encourage others to continue their fitness journey with them. They enjoy an active lifestyle that includes CrossFit, hiking, camping, travel, and faith.

Tracy and Krista both have families that they prioritize while running Stay Fit Mom. Tracy has three boys with her husband, Chris, and recently moved to the Emerald Coast, while Krista is married to her high school sweetheart, Chad, and has two boys and a girl. On the other hand, Krista retired from teaching to focus solely on Stay Fit Mom and is passionate about showing others that living a healthier lifestyle can bring confidence. She believes in flexible macronutrient counting and demonstrates how it can be easily incorporated into anyone's lifestyle.