Golubka Kitchen

Masha is an ardent plant-based cooking enthusiast, and she enjoys sharing her cooking skills and kitchen experiments through videos. She finds continuous inspiration from fresh produce and has a particular passion for cooking according to the seasons. Additionally, Masha collaborates with her mother, Anya, to operate a recipe blog that enables them to remain connected despite living 1000 miles apart. Since 2010, the mother-daughter duo has shared their experiences on nourishing cooking and self-care on the blog.

Their recipe blog features a single vegan and gluten-free, week-long meal plan each season, emphasizing seasonal produce and whole food ingredients while remaining budget and time conscious. Moreover, the blog offers Meal Plan Minis, which revolve around a specific ingredient or concept and offer less intensive versions of their meal plans. With a focus on nourishing and delicious cooking, Masha and Anya's recipe blog is an excellent resource for anyone interested in wholesome plant-based meals.