On this site visitors will find a wealth of resources aimed at helping parents make lunchtime fun and engaging for their children. Beau, the creator of the site, shares creative recipes, humorous photos, and insights on parenting and daily life. The website's sidebar features some of the most popular posts, which offer ideas and a lighthearted perspective on parenting.

Beau is a married father of three who resides in the Oklahoma City area and holds a full-time job. He and his daughter have appeared on TV and radio programs to promote useful products and teach families how to create creative lunches. Lunchbox Dad aims to help parents make creative, bento-style lunches for their children and features instructions on the website so that parents can make the lunches at home and add their personal touches.

Additionally, the website offers product reviews to make parents' lives easier and more enjoyable. Beau's ultimate goal is to provide an entertaining resource for busy parents.