Kim, an avid vegan and cooking enthusiast, co-created the blog with her husband Carlos. They consider their blog, Brownble, to be a labor of love as they aim to teach their audience how to cook delicious vegan food and introduce them to vegetables. They revamp cooking methods to help their audience create delectable meals that everyone will can enjoy, all with plants, and in HD video.

In addition to their passion for food, they also write about finding balance in their plates and in life. They emphasize making peace with food, quitting the dieting and restrictive cycle, and encouraging people to have fun and simplicity in the kitchen. Kim, who is a certified plant-based cook and a teacher, has been cooking for many years, starting from the age of 15, and has a particular fondness for food photography. She and her husband Carlos have spent countless hours in their kitchen, to the point where he even installed a TV so that Kim wouldn't miss her favorite shows.

Kim and Carlos believe that sharing a good plate of food together can do wonders for the soul. They share that their love for food has brought them together, allowing them to forget about the hardships they faced over the years.