Janine, a graduate student who is deeply immersed in the study of food politics, cultural dynamics, and theories of making and creativity. Janine's unique approach to making things revolves around thoughtful contemplation rather than active participation. While her craft "to do list" remains untouched, she finds inspiration in the vibrant community of food and craft blogs. Tastespotting and Foodgawker serve as her constant companions, providing a wellspring of ideas for her culinary endeavors. Notably, her Master's thesis delved into the profound connection between the act of creation and the development of human identity, prompting her to explore the world of making in a more practical sense.

Realizing the potential value in converting her musings into tangible creations, Janine has made the exciting decision to launch this blog. Her intention is to document her personal journey and share her experiences with the art of making.

In her approach to food, Janine strives for flexibility and moderation. While she acknowledges that making consistently ethical and healthy choices is challenging in the realities of everyday life, she doesn't subscribe to strict dietary restrictions. While she consciously reduces her meat consumption, she no longer identifies as a vegetarian.