Edward is a stay-at-home dad, father of two, and food blogger who resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He used to be a high school English teacher but has since transitioned into food blogging, focusing on easy-to-make comfort food that is mostly healthy. Edward enjoys creating recipes that families can enjoy together, and he prioritizes family time in the kitchen.

Edward's blog is geared towards families looking for quick, easy, and satisfying meals, especially for growing, active children and working parents. He and his family love exploring the Greater Philadelphia area on weekends and throughout the summer. With two daughters to keep him busy, their days are filled with laughter and exhaustion.

While Edward admits that he is not a fan of salads and will not eat them more than once a week, he believes that finding one's own creativity in the kitchen is the key to a healthy lifestyle. His healthy journey is filled with delicious foods such as burgers, biscuits, pasta, and cheese, which can be found on his website. For those who share his passion for family-friendly comfort food, Edward's blog is a great resource for inspiration and recipes.