Ria Cheripuram is the creator of Crafts By Ria, a blog that showcases her craft activities. She lives in Melbourne, Australia being inspired to start sharing her craft videos with the world by her brother who visited her last year. She was previously a software engineer but has now turned to blog, finding time to take her videos when her 2-year-old daughter is asleep or when her husband is taking care of her.

Since 2017 she offers a variety of craft-related content, including Crafts for Kids, Home-Decor Crafts, Paper Crafts, Craft Accessories, and Seasonal Crafts on her youtube channel. It becomes a platform for Ria to share her love of crafting with the world and help others learn new skills and techniques. Through her videos, she creates a supportive and inspiring environment for other creatives to share their work and explore their own artistic abilities.